Upcoming Maryland Catholic Women’s Conference

Theme: Made for JOY!

Featuring keynote addresses by Kelly Wahlquist, author, speaker and founder of WINE: Women in the New Evangelization; and Religious Sisters of Life
Also featuring breakout sessions by local speakers Jeanne Link, founder of the Maryland Catholic Women’s Conference, Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan and Annie McHugh

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After being consecrated bishop of Gubbio, Italy, in 1129, Ubaldus Baldassini served his flock for more than 30 years with the firm justice, the mildness, and the patience of a true father in Christ. He was revered especially as a peacemaker. On an occasion when rival factions were rioting in the streets of Gubbio, Ubaldus threw himself between the combatants and they laid down their arms at once, for fear of wounding their bishop. At another time, when Emperor Frederick Barbarossa was about to sack Gubbio, Bishop Ubaldus met the Emperor on the road and persuaded him to spare the city.