Stand therefore, and fasten the belt of truth around your waist (Eph 6:14a)

If you turn on the news or check your social media feed, there are a lot of so-called “truths” being espoused by politicians, talking heads, celebrities, even, perhaps, your family members and friends. Some of these truths are not wrong: we need people in our lives, we should provide care and support for those in need, racism is wrong and damaging. But sometimes we create and adopt and adapt certain stances to suit our desires and call them truths, either explicitly by what we say (or post on social media) or implicitly by the way we choose to live our lives: athletes, musicians, and movie stars are to be revered, financial and professional success are the keys to happiness, God doesn’t matter or doesn’t care or doesn’t exist.

When we live by truths that are not rooted in THE truth, or that are just plain false, we are not appropriately arming ourselves to face the daily battles of life. The belt of truth that Paul calls us to put on is the truth of who we are and to whom we belong. It is the truth of the Gospel. Each one of us is a beloved creation, created in the image and likeness of God, created from love and with love. We were created with so much love that God sent us his Son to suffer and die for us so that we might have hope and the promise of eternity in love. The truth of God’s love for us is the truth that allows us to love God and love others. This is the truth that will truly protect and defend us against the forces in the world that seek to undermine our values and our faith. This is the truth that will strengthen and encourage us in the face of temptation and evil. This is the truth that will comfort and calm us in the storms of life.

Take up the whole armor of God

As you put on the armor of God to face and to fight whatever battle is before you today, start by putting on the belt of truth. Ground yourself in the truth of God’s love for you, in the good that he wants for you. When you are rooted in this truth, THE truth that transcends all other “truths,” you declare yourself as God’s and you declare yourself for God. In a world full of competing “truths,” many of them false, this is the truth that matters most. This is the truth we need to wear daily.